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The Michelle Dyer Memorial web page

Welcome everyone to the Michelle Dyer Memorial web page, sponsored by the Jared Rimer Network. Michelle was a very close friend of mine, and did some work for the Code Amber project along with other colaberations with a radio station, a race team, and more. The following web pages are a set of files and articles from my Technology podcast, commentary from Philmore Voice Mail when we were on it, and the Code Amber Podcast which is no longer being produced. We hope you enjoy these files as much as I have putting them together.

When I heard of the death of Michelle, I was shocked, and didn't have any words to say. One thing I did do, was preserve the final greeting she did on the Philmore Voice Mail System and download and listen to this file (2.83mb) to hear her final words to my knowledge recorded on Philmore's voicemail system.

The downloads page will be broken up in to different sections. It'll be broken in to podcasts specific sections, commentary, and tributes.

Michelle's broadcasts

Michelle did some broadcasts through the telephone lines of KGKI Radio based in Florida. This radio station covers sports including racing, and Michelle did a racing program with the folks at the studio. There were 13 shows in total from June 2006 to September 2006. While KGKI and Michelle parted ways, the programs are good even though there may have been some issues with what needed to be done in regards to transportation and other aspects of what they wanted to do. The goal here, is not to dwell on whats bad, but whats good. Michelle was hoping after leaving KGKI for whatever reason, to find some other opportunity which never developed because of her prolonged illness.

Michelle's writings

Michelle did a lot of writing for different publications including Motor Sports News just to name one. In an articles section, we'll be publishing the articles, including one article which will cover her illness and problems in more detail.

Michelle's life

Michelle was born on November 22, 1969 in Alexandrea, Virginia, and died May 15, 2010 in Sanford, Florida. An obituary, thanks to the Orlando Sentinel, can be found by reading this page. As I indicated at the top of the page, she and I did a lot of work together. She had a 6 month stint with a radio station from June 2006 to September 2006. After that time, she continued to work with me and my crew with Code Amber and in 2007, we parted ways because of her illness. A full detailed article on the Motor Sports News web site in Michelle's words explains what she went through. Michelle, this web site, is for you, and remember one thing, you will be sorely missed. All of us miss you. And, the downloads and articles pages will be here in your memory. Rest in peace, and hope you are feeling better knowing that you will not suffer any longer. All of us from Code Amber to Philmore Voicemail and My Telespace miss you. My network also misses you.


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